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Profile picture Kathrin Goldammer und Oliver Arnhold
Kathrin and Oliver are working together since 2016 in the Reiner Lemoine Institute a non-profit research institute in Berlin. They are electrical engineering technician and automotive engineering technician. Combined they have more than 20 years experience in the automotive sector, the energy sector and sustainability research. They founded Localiser in 2018 and lead the company together

Kathrin Goldammer


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Oliver Arnhold


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Profile picture Kristin Tolk
Kristin is responsible for the administration at Localiser. As an economist with a penchant for internationalization, she is already mentally planning the global rollout of Localiser

Kristin Tolk

Management Support

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Profile picture Britta Englert
Britta participated in a federal voluntary service in 2018 at the Reiner Lemoine Institute in the field of Electric mobility. Since then, she embraces the topic of sustainable mobility and supports the Localiser team as a student assistant

Britta Englert

Student assistance

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Profile picture Ada Eysell
During her occupational orientation phase, Ada completes an internship with Localiser to get an insight into the e-mobility industry and the activities of a start-up. She is also interested in Spanish and art

Ada Eysell

Collaboration as part of an internship

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Project Development

Profile picture Alexander Spieß
Alexander industrial engineer, supports Localiser in the area of business development. Creating sustainable mobility is one of his biggest concerns. When he's not traveling by train or bike, he enjoys the abundance of the forests in Hamburg

Alexander Spieß

Business and Project Development

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Profile picture Katrin Hübner
As studied mechanical engineer and energy technician, Katrin brings together market and product at Localiser. In her spare time, she is an environmentalist and constantly learns new things about automobiles, drives and yoga

Katrin Hübner

Business and Project Development

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Product Development

Profile picture Raoul Hirschberg

Raoul Hirschberg

Product Development

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Profile picture Johannes Hofmann
Johannes is well versed in machine-oriented programming, visualization Linux and the OpenStreetMap project. At Localiser his responsibility is the configuration of our servers and the distribution of needlessly long passwords

Johannes Hofmann

Full Stack Development

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Profile picture Bryan Lancien
Bryan is engaged with design and the front end development of the Localiser website. In his free time, he is a sun worshiper and talks to his plants

Bryan Lancien

User Interface Development

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Profile picture Stefan Schirmeister
Stefan studied Computer Engineering and is currently one of the developers of the Localiser webtool. Secretly he is dreaming about another trip to New Zealand

Stefan Schirmeister

Backend Development

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