Plan your charging infrastructure automated, fast and online!

At Localiser we develop a web-based application for the automated planning of charging infrastructure for electromobility. Localiser will enable municipalities, cities and regions as well as public services, network operators, real estate sector and private suppliers to:

  • Plan locations for charging infrastructure: automated and cost efficient
  • Estimate potentials for electromobility with the help of socio-economic, energy- and mobility specific as well as geospacial parameters
  • Documentation of your progress from the idea till implementation and initial operation
  • Share your information with stakeholders on our online platform
  • Create user specific scenarios and identify synergies to other stakeholders of electromobility
  • Localiser applies for any region or surface, from country to accommodation level
  • It includes data from public transfer, sharing concepts and agents in your region

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Data for efficient planning of charging infrastructure

The ideal planning of charging infrastructure is complex and requieres the analysis of many criteria and data. At Localiser, we optimise the planning process and answer the following questions for you:

  • How is the socio-demographic structure of the area?
  • How does the traffic circulate?
  • Which conditions does the grid in the area offer you?
  • Where are points of interest, e.g. super markets, parking areas, schools?
  • Which charging stations, with which loading capacity are suitable?

A sneak preview of how Localiser will look like:

Localiser for your own projects | © Image: Localiser RLI

Localiser's user interface | © Image: Localiser RLI

Localiser's map | © Image: Localiser RLI